Raising the Bar 2016

The Door Between Public and Private Sectors

May 11, 2016

This year, we featured prominent Asian women legal professionals with public and private sector backgrounds in an open conversation on the range of choices for legal professionals and how and why they made career decisions that has resulted in their present leadership roles.  

Our speakers shared their experiences transitioning between sectors and how their decisions shaped their careers. It was fascinating to hear the challenges they faced and what roads they took to achieve their present leadership roles. Christina Lee worked for the NYS Department of Insurance as an attorney and she is now a high level corporate insurance attorney.  Lisa Lim worked in various state and city housing agencies which contributes to her value as a private attorney specializing in affordable housing. Peggy Kuo has a varied public and private background, all of which prepared her for her present role as a judge.  It is clear that their public service experience was key to the roles they now have. We had a thoughtful Q & A period and attendees had an opportunity to reflect on their own journeys and network with other Asian women.    

Panel Members

Katy ChooChief Investigative & Anti-Corruption Counsel, GE
The Hon. Peggy KuoUnited States Magistrate Judge (EDNY)
Christina LeeDeputy General Counsel, AIG
Lisa LimPartner, Akerman LLP

Event Announcement
Photos from the event    
Akerman LLP
666 Fifth Avenue | 20th Floor
New York,NY 10103
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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