Patty Chang Anker
Author of Some Nerve: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave

Patty Chang Anker is the author of the memoir Some Nerve: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave(Riverhead Books) which Parents Magazine called a “Mom Must-Read.”  She blogs for‘s Anxiety section and her own award-winning Facing Forty Upside Down.  Her work has appeared in O Magazine, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, iVillage, The Huffington Post and in numerous other publications and websites. She has been named a  Good Housekeeping ”Blogger We Love” and a “Top 25 Funny Mom” on Circle of Moms. Patty’s media appearances include a live interview on Martha Stewart Living Radio “Morning Living.”

Patty is not adventurous by nature. That, plus a Chinese-American fear of failure and losing face is how she grew up never really learning how to ride a bike, do a handstand, or dive into a swimming pool. And why she started blogging Facing Forty Upside Down three days after turning 39. The mother of two and a yoga teacher, Patty realized she couldn’t expect her children and students to go outside their comfort zone if she wasn’t willing to do it herself.

“We don’t let our kids ‘opt out’ of trying new things and we don’t let them give up if it doesn’t come to them easily. I realized I was giving myself a free pass to say ‘I’m too busy or tired to do that’ when what I really was, was scared.” Patty started doing, writing, and talking about the things that frighten her, and Facing Forty Upside Down was born.  It soon became apparent that she was not alone, and that many others are searching for ways to live bigger, braver lives.

Patty is a former Director of Media Relations for The New York Times and veteran book publicist for W.W. Norton, Taunton Press and Basic Books. Her campaigns include the Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times series “How Race is Lived in America.”

She is a certified yoga teacher, Thai Yoga Bodyworker, and Reiki practitioner who believes in the power of yoga to uplift and heal. She is certified in prenatal yoga and yoga for children with special needs, and is a sought-after teacher, workshop and retreat leader.

Patty believes fear isn’t an end point, but the point of entry to a life of incomparable joy. She is thankful she does not have a fear of public speaking because she loves motivating people to live fuller, more joyful lives. Although she does still have a fear of clowns.

Patty lives in a village north of New York City with her husband and two daughters.




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