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Your Company's Job Openings Here!


If you are looking for a highly qualified pool of candidates – look no further. 

AWIB will post your job openings online for one month to one year.  The AWIB audience runs the gamut from entry-level to

executive-level professionals, which means you will find the perfect candidate for every position. Our audience is primarily

Asian women but everyone comes to us for services so your reach will go beyond our targeted group.

All job postings appear on the main Job Openings link for one low cost, and they are hosted online for as long as you need

them. The maximum length of each post is 500 words (you will be charged $10 for every additional 100 words). You may

also include a logo (JPG)  as well as an e-mail address and/or website link so that applicants can reach out to you directly.

To expedite your search, jobs will be posted within two business days.




Listing rates:


You can buy a single 30-day job posting for $100, or you can purchase a 5-pack of 30-day postings ($80 per

job;$400 total) or a 10-pack of 30-day postings ($60 per job; $600 total). Each job posting pack must be

used within a 6 month period.


Please contact us at if you wish to post any opening for more than 30 days.

To post job openings on our site, please e-mail the listing to us at Payment can be made by

sending a check to Asian Women In Business, 42 Broadway, Suite 1748, New York, NY 10004. We also accept

PayPal and MasterCard and Visa over the phone.

If you have any questions, please call us at (212) 868-1368.

*A 10% discount is given to AWIB Members. Learn more about the benefits of becoming an AWIB Member.






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