AWIB Asian Heritage Reception

May 11 2001








Bonnie Wong at the podium

Unju Kim, Sue Tun, Sangeet Sharma and Mya Mya Myaing enjoying the reception
Sonnie Humphrey, Rachel Lam, Bonnie Wong, Esther Yip and Gerri Warren Merrick
Esther Yip at the podium
The Audience

The Harlem Japanese Gospel Choir performing for AWIB

The Choir has been in existence for about four years. It was first organized at the Memorial Baptist Church in Harlem. Tommy Tomita is the founding administrator, and Terrance L. Kennedy is the musical director.

The choir meets on a weekly basis for workshops that are designed to enlighten its members of the rich, spiritual and cultural history of Black American Gospel Music.

Many of the choir participants are in America on a temporary basis. Therefore, the membership is ever changing. To date, the choir is still very active and receives many requests to perform at various venues throughout the city. The choir has also received media attention and has been featured on CBS's Sunday Morning Show, The New York Times, The Daily News, and various other periodicals/broadcasts around the world.

Finally, several members have been so inspired by what they've learned from these weekly workshops that they've gone on and started their own Gospel choirs.

For further information regarding the choir, contact:

Mr. Tommy Tomita - 212.864.0074
Mr. Terrance Kennedy - 212.642.5039 or



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