Taste of Chinatown April 22, 2006
Wonton Food Fortune Cookie Writing Contest


Think you’ve got what it takes to be a fortune cookie writer?

After 20 years of producing fortune cookies, Wonton Food would like new words of wisdom for their cookie messages. They have teamed up with the Taste of Chinatown team to sponsor a public contest for budding fortune writers to show what they’ve got. The 10 best entries will be inserted in future fortune cookies and winners will receive a $20 gift card from Wonton Food, also known as Golden Bowl.

Each entry may contain up to three messages. Entry forms are available online (to give you time to ponder) and during the Taste of Chinatown on April 22, 2006. Entries must be submitted to the Wonton Food Contest Booth on the day of the event. After a review by the fortune writing judges of Wonton Food, winning entries will be posted online, so check back often for updates.

Click here for the contest entry form.

What makes a good fortune cookie message?
Donald Lau, Wonton Food’s Vice President and primary fortune writer, suggests “don’t have too complicated a mind” and “think in ten-word sentences.” - The New Yorker

Past Contest Winners
- Burp, it’s a compliment.
- The person next to you was secretly eyeing your food.
- You will not marry someone like your mother in-law.
- Confucius says: If three people are traveling with you, there must be one you can learn from.
- Don’t change with the leaves around you; stay your true color.
- Bad times always pass - just like the passing wind.
- Worrying is like a rocking chair - something to do that gets you nowhere.
- “Give me liberty or give me death”… wouldn't it be better to just give me food?
- I see lots of Chinese food in your future.
- The lazy man works twice as hard. The cheap man spends twice as much.

Think you can do better? Come to Taste of Chinatown on April 22 and enter the contest!

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