Asian Women In Business
Chinatown Tourism and Marketing Campaign

Asian Women In Business was part of a team selected to coordinate a large scale tourism and marketing campaign to attract visitors to Chinatown. The team was selected in January 2004 by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and September 11th Fund who jointly funded the two-year campaign.

The overall objective of the tourism and marketing campaign is to build Chinatown as one of New York City's top tourist destinations by creating a sustained increase in the number of visitors to Chinatown.

AWIB's role is to provide expertise in the area of business development. We provid one-on-one technical assistance to Chinatown based businesses struggling to recover from the impact 9/11 had on this once-thriving, independent community.

Utilizing its understanding of the diverse cultures and business practices unique to Chinatown, AWIB has developed in-depth individualized marketing strategies for small business owners and ensured their inclusion in the campaign's tourism efforts. AWIB concieved of the Taste of Chinatown as a community wide event to bring more people down to Chinatown to shop and dine.

This grant came on the heels of AWIB's successful completion of a business assistance project in Chinatown funded by the Empire State Development Corporation.

Here's a look at selected activities organized by AWIB as part of our efforts to increase visitors to the Chinatown neighborhood.



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