Amy Kao

“I firmly believe that those who enjoy the privileges of education also have the responsibility to spearhead social improvements. For this reason, I founded People-to-People a university organization focused on providing philanthropic services to local and global communities. Thank you AWIB for believing in my potential as a future leader in the business community. AWIB’s support encourages me to continue to be a positive influence to others and help them to achieve their goals, just as AWIB has helped its members.”
– Amy Kao, Class of 2012

Amy Kao is a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Policy and Management. As the recently crowned Miss Pennsylvania Teen American, Amy leveraged this responsibility as a chance to make an impact in her community. She immediately used it to volunteer at a battered women’s shelter to converse and become a mentor to young girls within the shelter. She devotes her time to working with these girls in regaining confidence and changing their self-image. It was through this experience that she founded People-to-People. One of its programs is working with the Pittsburgh ONE STEP program, to surround abuse children with positive influences and friends that care.

Amy’s other leadership experiences include VP of Finance for Carnegie Mellon Business Association, Student Representative for Student Senate, and a volunteer coordinator for American Asian Fine Arts Association. She has interned at the NJ State Office of Child Advocate and for the Office of Congressman Frank Pallone Jr. and was a Violist Section Leader at Carnegie Mellon String Theory Chamber of Orchestra in her freshman year. 



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