Melanie Chow

This scholarship was funded by Yvonne Chan, in memory of her grandparents,
Dan (Chong Yock) Chan and Wong Shee Chan.

“As Editor-In-Chief of VISIONS, the Asian American Art and Literary magazine at Brown, I understand the importance of creating a voice for the Asian community. VISIONS represents our shared heritages, cultures, ethnicities and varying political beliefs and opinions. With the recognition and the support of the AWIB scholarship, I can continue my work in the Asian American community and empower others to promote Asians in the business realm. Thank you AWIB, for the encouragement and for believing that I can make a difference now and in the future!”
– Melanie Chow, Class of 2011

Melanie is a junior at Brown University in Providence, RI, majoring in English and History of Art and Architecture. As Editor-in-Chief of VISIONS, an Asian American Art and Literature magazine, Melanie manages the editorial aspects of the publication, and the business and financial operations. She leads weekly Executive board meetings and works with faculty and staff members to develop and allocate fundraising resources.

Under Melanie’s leadership, VISIONS has jumped from 800 readers to more then 1200 within one semester. The expansion in audience necessitated a parallel in expansion of funds. By formulating relationships and garnering support from the Deans and Executives at Brown, Melanie led a fundraising campaign that raised $1,800 towards the growth of VISIONS.

Melanie’s other leadership positions include Vice President of Hong Kong Student Association, Coach/Mentor at the Rhode Island Urban Debate League and Academic Advisor for Brown’s “Meiklejohn Program”. Most recently, she interned for the WNYC-New York Public Radio and the Arts and Business Council of NY. In both positions, she gained hands-on experience in coordinating community programs and events.

Melanie is a two-time winner of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and a Semi-finalist for Siemens-Westinghouse Math, Science and Engineering Competition. She is also the recipient of the Westchester Women’s Hall of Fame Scholarships and Harlem Week 2009 Scholarship. 




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